Populism & Nationalism – A Recurring International Phenomenon?

You are invited to an afternoon of ideas exchange, sharing dialogue with international researchers working on populism and nationalism.

Since the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, and the rise of Trump,  Orbán, and Le Pen – to name but a few – ‘populism’ has re-emerged as a common keyword in international news coverage. This term has become highly contested, often used to stigmatise political opponents. The current conflation of new right-wing politics with the ‘populism’ effectively places leftist mass movements, such as Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, in the background of discussions – despite a rich history of left-wing populism.

What is a World Café?

A World Café is an event aimed at opening dialogue, to foster collaborative learning and collective insight. There’s no expert – everyone’s experience and opinions matter. Imagine a lively gathering, full of interesting conversations, and plenty of food for thought!

At this event, we invite and encourage you to:

  • Take part in an international dialogue about populism and nationalism in politics
  • Tell academics working on the politics of populism and nationalism about your thoughts and experiences with populism in Scotland and elsewhere
  • Hear worldwide perspectives on the connection of populism and nationalism
  • Find out what how nationalism and populism in Scotland compares to the worldwide phenomenon
  • Find out what international scholars should tell people interested in politics
  • Network with international academics

For full event details, and to register your attendance, head on over to our official event page here.