Target journal

This is the journal you’ve selected in which to publish your research. The journal may allow open access publishing by either the green or gold route. If you decide to publish your work via the gold route you will need funds to pay an APC. The target journal may contain a mix of open and closed access publishing (this type of journal is a hybrid journal). You may need to choose a different target journal if you don’t have the funds to pay any required APC to the publisher.

Hybrid journal

This is a subscription journal that also has some full text articles you can access for free. The author of the article is required to pay an APC to publish the open access article in this type of journal.

Predatory journal

This is a journal or publisher that aggressively targets academics and researchers to publish their work in its journal. How can you tell if you’ve been approached by a predatory journal? Warning signs are the lack of peer-review, academic rigour and possibly false impact factors.

Jeffery Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado, maintains lists of publishers and journals which may be predatory, Beall’s list. It’s up to you to find out more, evaluate them and decide if you wish to publish your work with them.

The Directory of Open Access Journals has recently increased its criteria for inclusion in the list of open access journals and has removed those who do not meet its higher standards.