Business for good (SMEs)

We look forward to helping you on your journey to move towards a more sustainable future for your organisation using the United Nations sustainable development goals as a guide to inform your choices.  

This project will be based around three online workshops and you will also have an opportunity to have some one-to-one time with your support academic. Finally, we will invite all the participants to an event to share best practice and hopefully inspire the formation of partnerships to work towards the SDGs. 


Workshops  Topics   When   Who   
1Introduction to “Building for Purpose”  SDGs, 

Purpose, Vision & Strategy & Leadership 

Wednesday 26th May 12-2. 


Dr Kenny Crossan, Dr Miles Weaver &Dr Hock Tan.  Output: Knowledge and understanding  
2. Equip for the SDGs  Introduction to SDG Action Manager  

Undertaking the “baseline” 

Wednesday 23rd June 12-2.  Dr Andrew Bratton & Ana Fonseca  Output: Report on Impact areas 
3. Plan to Take Action  Developing an Action Plan   Wednesday 21st of July 12-2.  Dr Kenny Crossan, Dr Miles Weaver & Dr Hock Tan.  Output: Action Plan 


Project Team: 

Dr Kenny Crossan ( 

Dr Miles Weaver 

Dr Hock Tan 

Dr Ana Fonseca 

Dr Andrew Bratton 

Miss Elena Pershina (Research Assistant)