Miles encourages students to book 1:1 appointments for personalised feedback. You might find that your question can be answered during class or between them.  These appointments are intended for scheduled, detailed and personalised feedback.

During term time, I use a booking page for 1:1 feedback. However, during non-teaching periods, appointments can be booked via email/meeting request in Outlook calendar.

Student appointments are preferred Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. If outside of these times, then I shall do my best to accommodate you.  Please book appointments at least a week in advance as my diary becomes full with research projects and other responsibilities held in the School.  Appointments are not possible on a Thursday or Friday – these are dedicated to a funded research project. I may be working off-campus at the client site or undertaking field work.

Personal Development (PDT) meetings are usually held on a Wednesday morning – these are booked via the Programme Administrator, Gail. Gail will periodically request you to attend a PDT meeting, so please check your email.

It is preferred that you send a meeting request via your Outlook mail client or iCal, so that this goes directly in my diary and can be amended if necessary and tracked.

Some guidance to students

Dissertation/research supervision meeting: 20 minutes.  You should plan five 1:1 supervisory meetings but may want to book a 5 – 10 min slot from time to time to touch base. You must incorporate into your timeline these five appointments. May I recommend all supervised students to keep detailed records, please use this proforma. I find it immensely helpful when students prepare an agenda prior to these meetings.

Appointments outside of scheduled times may be requested but you are encouraged to book in advance. I shall always make time at the end of the day if I can, but please respect that my schedule is planned in advance, on a weekly basis to meet the demands of my research projects, responsibilities in the School and external engagements.  Keeping to my schedule, without much disruption is important to me, this includes, when a student has scheduled an appointment with me.

Online/Distance students  are requested to clearly indicate the medium for discussion (i.e. Skype using ‘MilesWeaver’ or organised Webinar). Online taught students have a dedicated virtual learning hour each week not noted above.

During term time, the following booking page can be used for 1:1 appointments: (currently not in use).

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