It might be hard to believe, but exams are nearly here and 2020 is nearly over. I know, right!?

Exam period can be a highly stressful time, and it’s understandable you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unsure about how to manage yourself and your time. If you’re looking for help, there are a number of places you can go to find it.

Our libraries are open to you for individual study – all you need to do is book a space on Resource Booker! We’ve got a great variety of resources if you’re in need of some study tips, no matter where you are in your academic journey. Pop on over to our Study Skills reading list for resources on studying smart, mindfulness, critical reading and writing, essay writing, improving your memory, note-taking and more, or head over to Library Search to find something else!

Here are our top tips to help get you through.

1. Timetable and prepare a study plan.

2. Create a study space that is comfortable, quiet, well lit, organised, and has no distractions nearby.

3. Put your information into a format that allows you to absorb it best.

4. Take regular study breaks. Alternating subjects you’re studying will also help.

5. Remember self-care!

6. Schedule fun activities to reduce your stress.

7. Eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly to keep your brain power and energy up!

8. Remember rest – get a good night’s sleep – and relaxation – scroll up to click and see our Virtual Relaxation Space.

Please do remember that if you’re experiencing difficulties, get in touch with Napier’s Counselling & Mental Wellbeing service. Drop them an email at or call them on 0131 455 2459.