H5P – Create Interactive Content for Your Students

Now available within our University Moodle, H5P (short for ‘HTML5 Package’) makes creating interactive educational content an easy task for everyone. The content is quick-loading, sizes responsively to the viewing device, and has a modern look and feel.  Students love how well it plays on a mobile.

H5P shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for Moodle quiz, which is the best tool for robust, high-stakes assessment, but it is a great tool for creating engaging, attractive content for revision and formative assessment.  The following examples will give you an idea of what you can create.  Head over to our ‘Make Moodle Shine’ training course or contact your nearest Learning Technologist for further information.

One of the most popular activities is ‘Interactive Video’, allowing a teacher to insert annotations and interactions into a YouTube video.  Notice the lines and dots on the timeline when you play the video. These show the location of bookmarks, pop-up questions, comments, and ‘clickables’ which can link to other websites. Move the slider along the timeline if you don’t want to watch the all of the video. An Interactive Video can be rounded off with a quiz summarising the key learning points. The student will be scored on the quiz elements and the scores can be seen in the Moodle gradebook, enabling the teacher to check engagement and areas where there may be a lack of understanding. ‘Interactive Video’ is a superb tool for  leveraging the educational value of the wealth of video instruction available on YouTube.