TurningPoint Voting

TurningPoint clickersClassroom voting is available via the TurningPoint system where you can create simple questions on the web, or embed more sophisticated questions within PowerPoint. Students respond using electronic handsets or web-enabled devices such as laptops, phones & tablets. The aggregated responses are then available instantly on screen providing a stimulus for further discussion and explanation. Use the system to:

  • increase participation in lectures and to promote small group discussion and peer support
  • gain an immediate insight into student understanding and respond to difficulties and misconceptions on the spot
  • provide students with instant feedback on their progress.

This quick guide to classroom voting by Derek Bruff (Vanderbilt University) suggests strategies for peer instruction, leading class wide discussion, and responding to student learning needs in the classroom.

How to register for TurningPoint

Staff must have an TurningPoint Instructor account so please enter your name and University email address below, and click the send button to email your details to TurningPoint. They will create your account and you will receive an automated email from TurningPoint (titled Verify Your Email Address) which contains an activation link. Clicking the link will allocate 350 seats to your TurningPoint account which will remain with your permanently and can be used whenever you are polling students.

    A copy of your request is sent to the IS Service Desk for our records and you can contact them should there be no response from TurningPoint.

    Students do not need a TurningPoint account and by default are not prompted to sign-in (but you can change this in your polling session).

    How to use TurningPoint

    The two main ways are TurningPoint Web or the TurningPoint application (for PowerPoint), and both allows students to respond on their own devices.

    1. You can use TurningPoint Web for simple polling by logging into http://instructor.turningtechnologies.eu. Create a course and then you can questions from the four types available types: MCQ, Numeric, Hotspot and Short Answer which is great if you want students to respond with sentences. Tell the students to type https://ttpoll.eu into their web browser and then give them the session ID and they’re ready to respond. View this Quick guide to TurningPoint Web or the general help guides are here.

    2. If you wish to use the handsets or embed your questions within  PowerPoint then use the TurningPoint application which also lets you do more advanced polling such as comparing slides. The application is available on all staff computers and teaching rooms from AppsAnywhere. To install TurningPoint on your laptop then download the application from the TurningPoint website. The TurningPoint website has quick guidesvideo tutorials and the full instructions for Windows and OSx computers. These cover polling with clicker handsets and also web polling (called ResponseWare).

    How to book TurningPoint handsets

    If your questions are embedded within your PowerPoint and you wish students to respond with the handsets them use this Unidesk Self Service booking form. Alternatively email IS Service Desk ideally with three days’ notice. Please make the subject line of your email ‘TurningPoint handsets’ and include the following information in your message:

    • Number of handsets (number of students in the polling session)
    • Campus and room/location
    • Date and time of collection
    • Date and time of return
    • Dates of any repeated sessions

    Please note that handsets is a ‘collect and return’ sign out/sign in service only and it is very important the units are returned when agreed as there may be an immediate booking to follow. Safe keeping and return of the units are the sole responsibility of the individual signing them out. TurningPoint handset kits can be collected from the Library Helpdesks at each campus:

    • Craiglockhart: 160 handsets (4 bags)
    • Merchiston: 120 handsets (3 bags)
    • Sighthill: 320 handsets (8 bags)

    Merchiston workshop 9th January 2020 – click here for scheduled poll