2019-0 Reassessment Exams

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The 2019-0 Reassessment exams are available on the Moodle Exams server and module examiners are encouraged to check they have access to the correct exams, and to email any enquiries to Stephen Bruce. Students have had access since 21st July and they should email enquiries to exams@napier.ac.uk.

This Moodle exams – External Examiners shows how to provide external examiners with access to sample scripts.

Staff can view this video which provides an orientation to the Moodle exams and shows how to

  • respond to student enquiries in the questions forum
  • view and download submitted answer documents
  • allocate markers to students if there is a marking team
  • grade submissions while the exam is still available (see separate guide for attaching Turnitin Rubrics to exams)
  • collate second marker comments
  • export marks to a spreadsheet.

The student video shows how they access their exams and upload their answer documents (includes closed captions).

For help and support with Moodle Exams submissions and grading please contact the Learning Technology Support Team.