‘Simple but rigorous’

‘What should the process of applying for Fellowship feel like?’

As part of the redevelopment process, we’ve been gathering views from across the University regarding what the experience of applying for HEA Fellowship should feel like.  On the one hand, we know that you want the process to be clear, transparent and easy to follow, with appropriate choice and flexibility to suit individual preferences and disciplinary approaches. At the same time, you want it to be meaningful and rigorous, proving a worthwhile investment of time and offering an experience that is, ultimately, affirming.

Achieving this balance of simplicity and challenge is guiding our redevelopment work and we’ll be checking every step of the way whether we are designing a process that is both easy to engage with and thought-provoking to work through. There’s no doubt that applying for professional recognition can never be ‘a breeze’. It requires confronting yourself and your practice with some fundamental questions. Why do you teach and support students in the way that you do? How do you know when you are being successful? What have you learnt so far? And how do you keep continually engaged with reflecting on and improving your practice? Making your claim for recognition is not so much about showing that you have all the answers as about demonstrating that you are committed to asking the right questions. Taking the opportunity to do so may well offer you a fresh perspective on where you are coming from and where you would like to be heading in your teaching.

Another major part of our redevelopment work will be designing a collegiate support network for ENroute so that we can guide, encourage and challenge each other in making sense of our practice and articulating our contribution to student learning. Celebrating the achievement of Fellowships will be a further part of the process!  Watch this space for further details of the redeveloped framework, and use the comments space to share your views on what you want your experience to feel like when you apply.

Contributed by Elaine Mowat, Academic Professional Development

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