So, why are we re-developing ENRoute?

Following a good deal of hard work Edinburgh Napier was accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) to award Fellowship in 2013. The first year was a learning process for us all as we came to grips with our scheme, the language of the UKPSF and our developing relationship with the Higher Education Academy. That first year brought lots of learning about our teaching practices, the UKPSF and our administrative and assessment processes. Early submitters made really useful comments and we all gained experience as we went – or supported others to go – through the application process . Alongside this the emerging Academic Strategy included the ambition for our staff to be recognised for their achievement in teaching and supporting learning. This meant our framework needed to change in anticipation of the numbers we expected to apply in future. We had to recognise what resources we had to deliver and work out how best to use them in the changing environment of Edinburgh Napier (and the wider higher education context). So there you have it really. Feedback from colleagues, changing strategic direction and potentially much larger numbers caused us to pause and think about how we could make the scheme future proof and offer support and options to suit individual preferences and disciplinary pedagogies.

So now we are well into the redevelopment phase and future blogs will focus on how the redevelopment project is working, who is on the project teams and what they are doing to investigate, agree and develop the options for us all going forward.

We’ve had to come to grips with terminology. What constitutes a major or minor revision to the provision? Could we use the language of review rather than assessment? Questions, and yet more questions. An early key question was should we wait until our three years are up and apply for re-accreditation or should we make some changes now? As the redevelopment will be a scoping project and a source of evaluation for us going into the three year re-accreditation cycle, you can see why we decided to push the start button early!

Contributed by Bridget Hanna, Academic Professional Development

1 thought on “So, why are we re-developing ENRoute?

  1. Wendy McInally

    Thank you for this Bridget.
    Going forward it would be good for all staff engagement and development to have this ironed out for application submissions this coming May 2015. I myself have been waiting for this for the past year and keen to build my application for submission sooner rather than later, with a clear direction of the route I am applying for. Having an eLearning application with portfolio will be less cumbersome and more succinct. Good idea to press ahead.


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