Lions’ Gate Plans

Recent plans with dimensions, developed and sketched by volunteer Marie Dubaille (September 2018)

Garden layout with Digital Bothy position (PDF)
South-west area of garden (PDF)
North east area with Digital Bothy position (PDF)
Detail of Digital Bothy, dimensions and position (PDF)
Digital Bothy interior layout (PDF)
Digital Bothy Roof Option 1 (PDF)
Digital Bothy Roof Option 2 (PDF)

3D walkthrough of The Lions’ Gate space

Peformance area

Stage / performance area

Pond area

Pond area

Digital Bothy sketches

Digital Bothy Exterior 1

Digital Bothy Interior 1

Outdoor classroom / reception area sketches

Reception Area

Reception Aerial View

Useful links

The Lions’ Gate Pinterest Mood Board
Permaculture videos on YouTube

MSc Thesis

Symbiosis of Digital and Environmental Artefacts in Blended Spaces Using Permaculture Design as a Framework – Besagni (August 2018)

MSc Design Dialogues Module projects

Design & evaluation of campus interactive system
Secret Garden: Interactive Smart Phone App
Herb-e: interactive life-cycle garden
Design for a portable, responsive and sustainable Garden


UN Sustainable Development Goals
The Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability
Permaculture Principles
User Experience Principles
SIGCHI: HCI and Sustainability
Sustainable HCI Community and Wiki
Biomimicry, DesignLens: Life’s Principles
Rochdale Principles

Inspirational People

Masanobu Fukuoka: natural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands
Robert Hart: evolved the idea of Forest Gardening
Bill Mollison: the father of permaculture
David Holmgren: permaculture vision and innovation
Graham Bell: changing the world one day at a time
Patrick Whitefield: pioneering European permaculture teacher
Helena Norberg-Hodge – linguist, writer, activist
Gary Snyder – poet, essayist, environmentalist
David Benyon – HCI pioneer


Permaculture Scotland
Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership
EAUC: The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges
The James Hutton Institute: one of the Scottish Government’s main research providers in environmental, crop and food science
Local Energy Scotland: helping Scotland’s communities and businesses benefit from renewable energy
Transition Edinburgh
Balkep: Balkan Ecology Project
Project Drawdown: 100 solutions to reverse global warming


Permaculture magazine – Earth care, people care, future care
Chelsea Green Publishing: the politics and practice of sustainable living
The Whole Earth Catalog: access to tools and ideas

Site analysis tools for consumers and designers of solar.
Find My Shadow: calculate the position and height of the sun anywhere in the world on any date and plot the shadow cast by the sun at different times of the day.
SunCalc: shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location.
How to do good site analysis
Wind Flow Charts


Plants for a Future: database of 7000 edible and medicinal plants
The Plant List: a working list of all plant species
Native trees of Scotland
Heritage Seed Library: conserving vegetable varieties that are not widely available
Scotia Seeds: Scottish wildflowers and meadow mixtures