Dr Lindsey Carruthers


Lindsey-Blog-picI started at Edinburgh Napier University as an undergraduate in 2007, completed my PhD here in 2016, and I am a Lecturer in Cognitive and Biological Psychology.

My research is based on the relationship between creativity and attention, and the differences between those with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I am also investigating the effect of an incubation period on the success of creative problem solving, and eye movements during creativity and attention tasks.  My overall aim is to develop strategies to improve creativity, or conversely, to improve attention.

Other projects I have contributed to include facial composite and eye-witness memory research, and a qualitative study considering the roles of pretending, imagination, and make-believe in adults.

I am always happy to discuss potential collaborations or research ideas, so feel free to contact me (L.Carruthers@napier.ac.uk).

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