Information for Timetablers

Key dates

The key upcoming dates in 2017 for staff that support timetabling are:

  • 24 March Module Teaching/Timetabling Requirements and Staff Availability forms are due from academic staff
  • 27 March to 31 March Week away from the office to input timetable data and set up activity templates
  • 26/27 April Staff training on student/planning sets
  • 25 April to 5 June Module timetable scheduled

You can also find more information on dates and timelines on the Timeline page.

Timetable Requirements Gathering Process

The information required to populate the trimester 1 2017/18 timetable should now be collected from academic staff using the new Module Teaching/Timetabling Requirements, Staff Availability and Service Request forms. The Module Teaching/Timetabling Requirements forms for trimester 1 2017/18 have been pre-populated with basic module information. Academic staff should collect theirs from the School Office.

Blank copies of these forms can be downloaded from the links below:

The list of activities and definitions to use in timetabling can be found here: Activity Types and Definitions.

Staff Training

Staff training has been provided on Syllabus Plus and new functionality required to deliver individual student timetables. The training has so far covered:

  • Introduction to Syllabus Plus (how to use this timetabling software)
  • Introduction to Enterprise Timetabler (how to use this timetabling software)
  • Activity Templates (the key functionality to create individual timetables by linking individual students to activities)

You can find training documentation on the myTimetable SharePoint site here: Training Documents

The next set of training is scheduled for the end of April 2017 and will cover student/planning sets.