Systems and Data

There are a few different systems involved in delivering individual timetables. The image below shows what these are and how information will flow from one system to the next.

This image shows the systems used to deliver individual student timetables and how information flows from one system to the next.

You can find out more about each system and how it will be used to deliver individual timetables from the information below.


SITS is the University’s student management database that holds all details relating to a student’s academic journey throughout their time at Edinburgh Napier. To produce individual timetables module and student data will be taken from SITS through the Enterprise Service Bus and Scientia Connect to pre-populate fields within Syllabus Plus. You can find out more about SITS and the information it holds here.


Planon is the University’s Estates Management System. Property, room name and capacity information will be taken from Planon, through the Enterprise Service Bus and Scientia Connect to populate Syllabus Plus. This ensures the right data is used and avoids manual entry.

HR Connect

HR Connect is the University’s Human Resources Information System. Staff name, role and structure data will be taken from HR Connect, through the Enterprise Service Bus and Scientia Connect to populate Syllabus Plus. This ensures the right data is used and avoids manual entry.

Enterprise Service Bus

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) extracts data from the University’s primary database systems and standardises its structure for use in other systems. For individual timetables, the ESB will be used to collate data from SITS, Planon and HR Connect, and present it to Scientia Connect for importing into Syllabys Plus.

Scientia Connect

Scientia Connect is the software integration platform that allows data to be transferred from other systems into Syllabus Plus and other Scientia products. Scientia Connect is being used to transfer data from our Enterprise Service Bus to Syllabus Plus so its pre-populated with module, student, staff and space information that already exists across the primary databases (SITS, Planon and HR Connect). The software is provided by Scientia – the global market leader for academic timetabling and resource scheduling software for the high education industry.

Syllabus Plus

Syllabus Plus is the University’s timetabling system. Drawing on data from SITS, Planon, HR Connect and manual input, Syllabus Plus will be used to schedule timetables for student sets, rooms, staff, modules and individual students. These will then be published via Web Timetables (SWS) and Campus M.

Campus M

Campus M is a mobile application that gives students access to University services such as Moodle, email, library services, and timetables. Individual timetables will be published through Campus M, which can also be accessed via a desktop version for non-mobile devices.

Web Timetables (SWS)

This is part of the timetabling software suite provided by Scientia and is the portal currently used to publish module timetables. This portal will continue to be used to publish module, room, student set and staff timetables prior to publishing through Campus M.