Project Team

The project team is made up of the Project Manager, Project Officer and representatives from the School Support Service and Information Services:

  • Suzanne Shinnie, Project Manager
  • Project Officer (currently vacant)
  • Sharon Nairn, School Support Enhancement Lead & representative for School Support Service
  • Eleanor Wright, Systems Officer & representative for Information Services – Student Systems & Process Improvements team
  • Andrew Macfarlane, Senior IT Developer & representative for Information Services – Information Systems Development team

You can get in touch with the project team through the contact us page.

Other stakeholders

We’re also working with many other stakeholders across the University to deliver the project, including:

  • Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement who are leading on key aspects of academic policy and process development
  • Deans of School
  • School Academic Leads
  • Academic Liaison Group formed of academic representatives from across schools
  • School Support Service (School Support Enhancement Leads, School Support Managers, School Operations Officers and School Support Administrators)
  • Information Services (Student Systems & Process Improvements, Information Systems Development, Application Systems Development, and Corporate Systems)

You can also learn more about the people involved in the project by following the links below: