Project Update – 23 March 2017

Scientia Connect

Scientia Connect is now live, having successfully migrated the software from our test environment to our live Scientia database.

Staff from Student Systems and Process Improvements and Information Systems Development have also completed testing in the live environment to ensure the data from SITS, HR Connect and Planon transfers correctly to our timetabling system, Syllabus Plus.

Scientia Connect will now be used to pull module and student data from SITS, basic staff information from HR Connect, and space information from Planon. This data will be transferred on a regular basis to pre-populate Syllabus Plus for timetabling.

Data Gathering and Timetabling for Trimester 1 2017/18

The deadline for all Module Teaching/Timetabling Requirements and Staff Availability forms is tomorrow – Friday 24 March. Academic staff should ensure they have completed and returned these forms to School Support Administrators by the end of day tomorrow.

There are still a number of forms outstanding across schools, with the latest percentages of total forms returned included below:

  • School of Applied Sciences – 56%
  • School of Arts and Creative Industries – 44%
  • School of Computing – 97%
  • School of Engineering and the Built Environment – 85%
  • School of Health and Social Care – 25%
  • The Business School – 76%

If any staff anticipate issues in returning this information on time, please refer to the Teaching Activity Submission Flow Chart which outlines the process to follow. This includes seeking approval from the Dean/School Academic Lead for a delay in returning information.

Timetabling for trimester 1 2017/18 will begin on 27 March with School Support Administrators inputting the data received from academic staff. They will then set up templates for the trimester 1 timetables and begin scheduling.

Policy and Process

The Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement and the School Support Service are continuing to work on developing policies and processes in support of individual timetables for 2017/18.

While these policies/processes are being reviewed and updated, academic staff and administrators should continue with current practices related to the timetabling process, including student allocation to activities. If there are any concerns in relation to current policies/processes these should be highlighted to the Project Manager Suzanne Shinnie in the first instance.

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