Project Update – 23 February 2017

Scientia Connect Testing

Scientia Connect is the software integration platform that allows us to transfer module and student data from our Student Record System, SITS to our Timetabling System, Syllabus Plus. The user acceptance testing for Scientia Connect is on track with phase one completed.

Information Services are currently working on phase two testing and expect to have this completed by the end of the week when minor queries and changes will be resolved.

Timetable Requirements Gathering

The School Support Service are collecting teaching requirements and staff availability information for trimester 1 2017/18. The School of Computing is currently leading on completed form returns.

All module leaders need to complete a Module Teaching/Timetabling Requirements Form by 24 March 2017. Academic staff with non-standard availability for teaching should also complete the Staff Availability Form by 24 March. Both forms can be collected from School Offices and should be returned to the School Administrator(s) supporting timetabling.

Staff Training

Staff involved with timetabling are being trained on Syllabus Plus and new functionality to help deliver individual student timetables. The training is being delivered by a consultant from Scientia and has received positive feedback from those who attended:

 “I found the training to be excellent, it definitely met my expectations. I was able to ask relevant questions that were worrying me initially. Scientia consultant put mind at ease”

I feel much more confident about the whole myTimetable project following the training.”

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