Project Update – 9 February 2017

Systems & Data

Installing Scientia Connect – TEST PHASE

We have now successfully installed Scientia Connect to our test environment. Connect is the software integration platform that allows us to transfer module and student data from our Student Record System, SITS to our Timetabling System, Syllabus Plus.

Over the next month we will undergo user acceptance testing involving staff from Information Services and the School Support Service. Our aim is to have the new software signed off by early March so we can begin preparing the timetable for Trimester 1 2017/18.

SITS Data Cleansing

School Support Service have been cleansing some of the SITS data needed for individual timetables. In particular they have been updating the module availability data, ensuring modules that need timetabling at an Edinburgh Campus are clearly indicated, and those modules no longer running are removed from the system.

Policy & Process

DLTE Leading Policy/Procedures

The Department of Learning & Teaching Enhancement (DLTE) will be leading some work to develop policies and processes in support of individual timetables for 2017/18. The three key areas they will lead are:

  • Reviewing the School Quality timeframes for approving programme/module changes that affect timetabling
  • Agreeing a policy and procedure for managing changes to the timetable once its published
  • Identifying exceptions within the automatic student allocation to activities process (e.g. how students are allocated to a specific tutorial, practical, workshop etc.).

DLTE will be ensuring these policies and procedures support accurate and correct timetable information first time, and minimise the number of changes made after the timetable is published.

Timetable Requirements Gathering

The School Support Service have now established a consistent approach for collecting module teaching/timetabling requirements. While the information requested will be the same as in previous years (e.g. number of activities, duration, week pattern etc.), it will now be collected using a standardised form completed by each module leader across all schools.

The new form will be available for collection from School Offices from Monday 13 February 2017 with a deadline for completion by Friday 24 March 2017.

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