Please use the booking page here to select a slot for a 1:1 appointment in one of Miles office hours:

Miles encourages students to book 1:1 appointments for personalised feedback. There is plenty of time devoted in class or afterwards for quick questions and clarifications. These appointments are for more detailed and personalised feedback.

Some guidance

Dissertation/research supervision meeting: 20 minutes.  You should plan five 1:1 supervisory meetings but may want to book a 5 – 10 min slot from time to time to touch base. You must incorporate into your timeline these five appointments. May I recommend all supervised students to keep detailed records, please use this proforma. I find it immensely helpful when students prepare an agenda prior to these meetings.

Appointments outside of scheduled times may be requested but you are encouraged to book into a scheduled slot.  Tuesday and Thursday’s are dedicated to research activity off-campus as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the Voluntary Action Fund.

Online/Distance students  are requested to clearly indicate the medium for discussion (i.e. Skype using ‘MilesWeaver’ or organised Webinar). Online taught students have a dedicated virtual learning hour each week not noted above.

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